Live Captioning

The Aberdeen Advantage

We know that our captioning can only be as good as those who create them, so we have spent years growing a team of highly trained, experienced captioners with the largest known dictionaries in the industry, always choosing the best captioner for your particular program genre. We refuse to hire students or amateurs who are not ready to "go live." Although we guarantee our captioners to write 200 words a minute with 98% accuracy or higher, our captioners can type from around 250 to 300+ words per minute. You'll find our "turbo-typers" to always be on-time, reliable, and never miss­ing a millisecond of your programming.

In addition to our skilled writers, check out our unique services our clients enjoy:

How It Works

Do you ever find yourself wondering exactly how those words get up on the screen so quickly during the nightly news or your favorite sports game? If so, you probably fall into one of two categories:

  1. You think the TV is magical and produces captions automatically, or
  2. You envision someone slamming away on standard keyboard. It's a bit more complex than those initial misconceptions.

Here's the scoop:

What Our Clients Think

"Aberdeen is a team of thoughtful professionals who pay attention to details. As a live show, our deadlines are extremely tight - Aberdeen meets them without fail and without sacrificing quality captioning of our show."

Armand Robert, Master Control Manager, Major TV Network