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Aberdeen Implements Tachyon’s Software-based Standards Conversion

Aberdeen Broadcast Services completes implementation of industry leading standards conversion software Tachyon. The quality of our client’s programs is at […]

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Hillsong Church Launches New 24/7 TV Channel

Today, in a partnership with Trinity Broadcasting Network, Hillsong Church has launched The Hillsong Channel. The 24-hour channel will feature […]

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GEB America: 2016 Full Power TV Station of the Year

Aberdeen would like to extend our heartfelt praises to our client, and trusted AberFast station partner, GEB America on being […]

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Broadcast Leader Elements

Television stations will provide detailed instructions of their broadcast requirements for producers to follow prior to submitting their program. However, […]

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We love L.A.! …and the Feeling is Mutual

Aberdeen Broadcast Services is honored to confidently proclaim that we have secured our position as a trusted and reliable vendor […]

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The Importance of 4:3 Center-cut Safe

The introduction of high definition television super-sized our television sets from the square look of the 4:3 aspect ratio, to […]

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Being Mindful of Broadcast Down Conversion

Did you know that the majority of the US viewership is actually watching in SD? A recent Nielsen study states […]

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Aberdeen Broadcast Services at the NAB Show 2015

Audible exhales could be heard throughout the nearly 1 million square feet of exhibit space as the final closing announcement […]

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5 Ways to (Not) Screw Up Your Digital Video for Broadcast Television

Unfortunately professional broadcast video production is not as easy as uploading a video from your iPhone to your YouTube account. Creating […]

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Video File Delivery Simplified – Broadcaster Solution Explained

If this question is asked: How do television stations receive programming from producers? Most people outside the industry would assume […]

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