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When deciding whether or not multi-language subtitling is for programming, you need to understand your audience. Many countries prefer subtitles over voice dubbing. Here are some countries that choose subtitles as a standard, just to name a few:

The Aberdeen Advantage

We use only tried and tested translators and subtitlers, who are always native speakers and perfectly fluent in the source language. We guarantee our subtitles, so if for whatever reason you aren't satis­fied with the final product, we will redo it 100% to your liking at absolutely no cost to you. Trust your choice to partner with us. You'll love our personalized approach to you and your project-we promise!

We provide multi-language subtitles for:


Our state-of-the-art technology and our worldwide database of translators enable us to virtually offer any language you need. Here are some of the languages we specialize in:

What Our Clients Think

"Not just closed captioning, Aberdeen expertly executes transcribing, translation and live captioning for our programs."

Ron Ingram, Production, National TV Station