Transcoding Farm

Our transcoding farm, the heart of AberFast, resides in a level 5 data center on a bank of servers we own. With redundancy at every level and industry leading software, AberFast has become the proven provider of broadcast-ready video files with embedded-closed captioning.

Our Transcoders

If you know about transcoders, I'm sure you have heard of Compressor. Well, our transcoders will squash Compressor like an unwanted bug. Yes, they are big and strong and operate on 16+ core servers. They take your ProRes, H.264, DV or DNxHD file and rip it apart, plug in caption data and then put it back together in multiple small broadcast ready MXF, LXF, GXF, MPEG files.

Phone number inserts

If you are currently doing phone number inserts, you know how much editor time it takes to do each version and then output to a file or tape. Say goodbye to all that wasted time-Aberfast will create a template for each station you deliver a program to that allows for a unique phone number to be placed into the program at one or multiple points. Imagine 20 different stations getting 20 different programs and all you had to do was send AberFast one HD master file without phone numbers. Now that's an awesome use of technology!

Our Quality Control & Correction

So you didn't know you were supposed to edit to the bars and tones and you just threw them on afterwards. Yikes! Okay, relax. Aberfast has a QC and correction software solution that we run all our producer videos through. It corrects both audio and video levels to broadcast legal standards. What if it's only a ten-second segment? Don't worry, our software only corrects the frames that are beyond the legal limits. The rest of your program will be just the way you left it. Now that's pretty smart software!

Our Internet Pipe

Hi-resolution broadcast files are often 20-plus GBs. Ever try to download a 20 GB file? Do you still think a T1 line is fast? It takes 30 hours! What about a cable modem? Now we're down to five hours. Want to know how fast we can do it? Three measly minutes!!! That's right-only THREE minutes. This is only the beginning, because our next upgrade will allow it to happen in less than one minute. If you have a large pipe and want to move a hi-res video file fast, AberFast has you covered. We're definitely faster than FedEX!