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Deliverable - DVD & Blu-ray

Why Should I Include Subtitles on My DVD/Blu-ray Disc?

Including a subtitle option on your DVD or Blu-ray disc is extremely important. There are many viewers that rely on the ability to be able to turn the subtitles on when watching a DVD. We frequently hear complaints from viewers that the DVDs that they own do not have subtitles. And, if you think about including foreign language subtitles, one DVD can hold up to 32 different language subtitles!

Blu-ray subtitles have some unique features that were never possible in the past with simple SD subtitles. Now you can add up to six different font styles, colors, and sizes all on the same disc. You may want your sound effects or song lyrics to look different from the speaker's dialogue. You can even choose a different font color for each character. The possibilities are endless!

Why Can't I Put Closed Captions on a Blu-ray Disc?

While DVDs can support closed captions, it is important to note that Blu-ray discs cannot. The reason behind this is that closed captions are embedded into Line 21 of the video. Since Blu-ray discs are HD, they do not carry Line 21 and therefore can only support subtitles where you can turn them on and off through the disc's menu. The file type used for Blu-ray subtitles is an xml file along with jpg images of each subtitle.

Is it Possible to Convert SD Captions to HD Subtitles?

Yes it is! Aberdeen has the ability to convert your old SD captions to be Blu-ray compatible subtitles, thereby saving you time and money.

Deliverable - Tape

You have a lonely finalized master tape in dire need of some friendly closed captions. Life seemed so easy before those little words were required, but don't worry, Aberdeen is here to help! All you need to do is send us your master tape and we'll do the rest. We're the experts at meeting deadlines and paying attention to details, always ensuring your program reaches its destination on time.

The Aberdeen Advantage

We have a full-service, in-house production facility making your tape options endless. We also have a complete distribution center, allowing us to ship just one tape or hundreds of tapes. You'll be at ease knowing that our specially-trained recording technicians often catch costly errors before they go on air.

Still not sure?

  • On time distribution to TV stations
  • Major shipping discounts
  • Video scoped and levels checked
  • Final Cut Pro options
  • Same-day service available
  • In-house from start to finish

How It Works

All you have to do is provide us with a finalized master tape or file.

But we do all this:

  • perform captioning and create CC file
  • create a captioned master of your program
  • create any extra dubs you need
  • ship tapes to your desired location

What Our Clients Think

"Aberdeen handles our live and post production captioning needs on time and within budget every time. The company's integrity shows and professionalism is unmatched in the captioning industry."

Bob Fopma, VP of Production, Major TV Network

Deliverable - Tapeless

Like first-generation quality? Want more control over your programming? Want the fastest turn times available? Like saving money on shipping tapes? If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, you'll be interested in learning about Aberdeen's tapeless workflow options.

The Aberdeen Advantage

Following and adapting to the latest trends in technology, we offer tapeless solutions for any file type or media format, period. If we don't have a solution right away, we will custom-tailor a solution just for you.

NLEdirect Captioning to Tape-CC to your editing system...

  • First generation quality
  • No Shipping
  • Faster turnaround
  • More control

What You Do:

  • create a small digital video file and posts it to Aberdeen's FTP site

What We Do:

  • perform captioning and create the CC file that we e-mail to you

What You Do:

  • add CC video file to your project in your NLE system and lay the program to tape with closed captions included

We also have digital file delivery services that use a completely tape-free workflow from beginning to end.

What Our Clients Think

"The use of Aberdeen's NLEDirect technology enables us to turn projects more quickly with no generation loss and no need for external equipment. Aberdeen's patented NLEDirect Captioning is the way to go!"

Henry Alconz, Media Supervisor, not-for-profit media provider