Post Production

Aberdeen offers post-production captioning services for every style, quality level, and budget. We provide post-production captioning for pre-recorded programming such as:

The Aberdeen Advantage

The choice to caption your pre-recorded programming with Aberdeen is made simple when you come to learn that what we do has been created just for you. Our convenient workflows allow you to relax with confidence. We are your partner with one common goal: the successful final outcome of your programming. Our clients prove this by partnering with us for years.

Check out some unique services we offer:

Before working with us, many of our clients don't know that working with Aberdeen means an extra review of your video. During our editing process, we do an extra quality check to ensure that there are no errors in your video, and oftentimes we catch costly blunders before they go on air. Our quali­ty is well-above the industry standard, due in part to our highly experienced, trained, and knowledge­able transcribers and caption editors, as well as being an approved vendor for DCMP (Described and Captioned Media Program). All employees involved in your captioning are highly trained and educat­ed ensuring not a word is misrepresented. From the mail room to the editor to the recording techni­cian, at Aberdeen your program receives the TLC it's looking for, treating every client's programming as if it were our own.

Tape And File Format Options

We have multiple tape and tapeless options—send us ANY device or format and we will add the cap­tions needed back in the format of your choice. From BetaSP to HDCAM to MPEG2 to Final Cut Pro files, we've got you covered. For a 100% tape-free workflow from start to finish, check out our digital file delivery division, AberFast, to see where the future is headed.

What Our Clients Think

"Committed to Excellence – Aberdeen has caught and fixed a few of our internal errors ensuring our program is properly captioned in context and content. The Aberdeen team is flexible in accom­modating last minute requests and has met some unbelievably tight deadlines for us. Thanks, Aberdeen."

Glen Rose, VP of Production, Spot Mill, Inc.