Christian Captioning

Aberdeen's roots begin with Christian Captioning. Our foundation was built upon the desire to serve other Christian ministries by helping their message reach a broader audience.

From the very start of our business, we have maintained a team of transcribers, caption editors, and real-time captioners who are specially trained to deliver Christian captions at their best. You won't find our team mixing up terms like Sarah and Sarai, prophet and profit, inequity and iniquity, tie and tithe, Barak and Barack, et cetera.

Today, Aberdeen Captioning can confidently say that we are the leading closed-captioning service provider for Christian programming. Just take a look at a few of the Christian programmers who have chosen Aberdeen as their closed-captioning provider:

And many more...!

If you have a Christian program in need of closed captioning, look no further—captioning Christian programming is not only our specialty, it's our ministry.