Our Team

Find out a little more about our core team members. Please note we could not include every one of our transcribers, live captioners, and translators, as there would be hundreds!

Core Team

Matt Cook

Matt Cook, the President of Aberdeen, took his engineering background as well as business skills and incredible vision to create a company known for its customer service and cutting-edge technology. Even eleven years after founding Aberdeen his passion still lies in building a company that will stand the test of time with happy clients and even happier employees. He strives to keep Aberdeen on the forefront of technology as can be seen with the recent launch of AberFast – our cloud-based digital delivery and transcoding service. Matt is known for his million mile a minute brain that never quite shuts down completely. His spare time is filled to the brim with soccer as all four of his children play club soccer (and are pretty talented, if you ask us!). In the wee hours of the morning you can find him on a remote Orange County single-track mountain bike trail or enjoying coffee with his wife on their deck.

Becky Isaacs

At the age of 23, Becky packed her bags, drove across country from Ithaca, MI to the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles in pursuit of her dreams to work in the broadcast industry. After spending years gaining experience in broadcast, today, Becky is the Co-Founder of Aberdeen Broadcast Services, and currently plays a crucial operational role in both our finance department and live captioning department. When not working (which is a rare occurrence!) Becky enjoys the California sunshine with her native South African husband and two small daughters Abby and Jessica. For some R&R, Becky and her family enjoy weekend getaways to San Diego and Palm Desert and summer vacation at her parents' lake house in Bellaire, Michigan.

Nathan Isaacs

After an 8 year career in the automotive industry implementing international quality management systems and a 10 year career as an office manager for a religious non-profit company, the last thing Nathan Isaacs expected was to end up in the broadcast and video media industry. His natural inclination to be a busy body has made him the perfect Operations Manager for Aberdeen. Nathan is always flitting around the office making sure the clients are happy, the employees are laughing and the nerdy side of business is moving. When not at Aberdeen he aims to get that ever expanding honey-do list at least a few marks shorter – from gardening to building a playhouse for his adorable daughters. In addition to everything else he does, he also volunteers at a local non-profit company leading adults that mentor families. At the end of the day, though, his full time job is looking after his beautiful wife and two precious daughters.

Steve Holmes

Steve heads-up the sales department for Aberdeen Broadcast Services. Blending a consultative approach with technical understanding, Steve diagnoses the needs of networks & stations, and also the goals of his loyal producer clientele. Steve excels at identifying and implementing the most cost effective and efficient workflows while minimizing, or eliminating altogether, the anxiety that can come with choosing a captioning, translation and/or content distribution partner. Since starting with Aberdeen in 2007, Steve has become a captioning authority, and has been helping to lay the digital delivery tracks to what he refers to as the "Transcodification Station." His efforts in breaking this new ground have helped to save countless hours and dollars for the engineers and program producers he moves along the digital landscape of this "new media" world. What's more, in addition to helping to distribute content, Steve even delivers some laughs along the way. In fact, when away from the office, Steve enjoys being silly with his best friend & wife, Melissa, and their two young daughters. Steve loves the Lord, his family & friends, and also singing, playing guitar, and song-writing. Some of his hits here at Aberdeen include "We Will DFD You" and "We Are Transcoders."

Christina Hill

Christina has been a Caption Editor at Aberdeen since 2007. She currently works from her home in beautiful Rancho Santa Margarita, where she attempts to masterfully juggle the roles of wife, mother, and employee.

When she is not captioning programs, exporting files, or researching grammar and style guides, you will find her chasing after her two very energetic but wildly adorable young boys, taking family trips to Disneyland, watching baseball (Go Angels!) with her husband, or searching recipes on Pinterest to find yet another way of turning veggies into a kid-friendly meal.

In the random event that she finds some free time, Christina enjoys baking goodies, going to loud concerts with her husband, or curling up with a good book, preferably one written in the nineteenth century.

Michael Purpura

Michael is Aberdeen's Technical Operator, working in Post Operations and Digital File Delivery. While an Engineering major in college, Michael spent two summer internships with DIRECTV's Advanced Services and Production Operations department, and gained a strong interest in the post production field. Michael enjoys living in Southern California where he has the ability to play ice hockey on the weekends and stay active by running and mountain biking on the Orange County trails. After studying French and traveling to France on a few occasions, Michael would like to continue learning other languages and traveling to interesting places throughout the world.

Rolando Betancourt

Rolando Betancourt is one of our talented Operations Administrators here at Aberdeen. He moved to sunny California with his wife after living in Puerto Rico his whole life. Travel is a hobby and a passion for Rolando. In the past 15 years he has travelled to 15 countries, including living in Mexico for 2 years to earn his professional certificate after receiving a Bachelors in Business from University of Puerto Rico. He also spent a year in Brazil as part of a non-profit project that provided assistance to churches in ten out of the twelve countries in South America. Rolando is also trilingual and volunteers as a live interpreter for Christian activities and conferences.

Vincent D'Amore

With over 20 years of experience in the post production world, Vince's editing work began with linear analog suites running one inch tape with numerous scopes and monitors before migrating (running) into the nonlinear worlds of AVID and Final Cut systems. He spent most of his career working on high-end post-production projects for numerous clients including regional Chevy Car and Truck ads. Vince has a keen eye for quality video, especially in today's codec heavy world. Vince is also an accomplished cook and loves creating Italian specialties from pizza to cannoli. He carries that passion into whipping up numerous video codecs for today's advanced media players.

David Shiroma

David Shiroma is a Project Manager at Aberdeen Broadcast Services. He was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley and moved to Orange County for college. He graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a B.A. degree in Criminology, Law & Society. He doesn't plan on moving back to the Valley because of the 100 degree weather in the summer time. Just one look at David, and you can tell that he lives at the gym when not at Aberdeen.

Ed Gallagher

Just after graduating from college Ed heard a little voice in his head saying, "Go West, young man." So he did just that. Leaving his family and friends in his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana, he landed in beautiful Carlsbad, California. Shortly after, Ed decided to pursue a career in finance and was blessed with several mentors who helped advance his career in two Fortune 500 companies. His last stint in the corporate world was running the Western U.S. Sales and Operations. In 2003, Ed became a member of Aberdeen's Board of Advisors, which ultimately led to him joining the company in 2013 as the Director of Sales and Project Management. He has many management principles but firmly believes that "Everyone needs a champion." His passion is giving to others and bringing out the best in everyone on his team. His mantra is: Things change when you take the focus off of you and give to someone else.

He is an avid football fan and genuine family man, making his ideal weekend a no-brainer: A BBQ in the backyard with my wife and two kids, Kenny Chesney playing in the background, followed by a LSU or New Orleans Saints football game.

Joe Casuga

Joe is the Digital QC and Delivery Operator for Aberdeen. Joe graduated from California State University, Northridge having earned a BA degree in Television Production. His career started in Reality TV and worked as an Audio Visual Coordinator in radio/TV commercial advertising. With a background in video editing, he pays close attention to audio/video quality being the last line before files are digitally delivered back to the stations.  Joe feels fortunate to not drive the long commute to Los Angeles based studios and would rather spend that time being productive at work or with his wife and children. He loves living in Orange County being only an hour away from Los Angeles and San Diego (without traffic that is!).

Jose Chamu Santana

Jose graduated from Cal State Fullerton in May of 2013, with a degree in Communications and an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism. He discovered that post-production was a field he wanted to delve into while working on various stories and multimedia for CSUF’s newspaper, The Daily Titan. With solid knowledge of editing and the English language, caption editing at Aberdeen was a logical choice in the advancement of his life and career.

Jose also enjoys a variety of hobbies when he is not hard at work at his desk. Some of these include: playing soccer, ultimate Frisbee, strumming on the guitar, and watching TV (with closed-captioning, sometimes, turned on).


Susanna Melvin

Susanna began working as a Transcriber back in 2006 just a few weeks after her first child was born. On maternity leave from her Commercial Collections job, she was looking for ways to still make money while being able to stay at home with her newborn daughter. Freelance transcription work for Aberdeen Captioning proved to be the perfect fit. Additionally, she has a Bachelor of Arts in English degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara, so it felt good to professionally put to use her grammar and spelling skills for a change! Working from home part-time while being a stay-at-home mom has been quite an adventure! Susanna and her husband live in Santa Cruz, California with their three young children; a grade-schooler, a preschooler and an infant. She is actively involved with church ministries such as MOPS International (Mothers of Preschoolers) and Moms in Prayer International (MIPI). She also enjoys volunteering in her daughter's classroom, cooking, and taking her kids to the many local parks in beautiful Santa Cruz.

Lisa Banks

Lisa Banks has been with Aberdeen since 2006 and is one of our loyal transcribers doing up to 120 minutes of transcription per day. After completing her Associate's Degree in Court Reporting she found captioning irresistible and went that route instead. She currently resides in Greensboro, North Carolina after spending her childhood in New York. When not transcribing she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and 3 kids and tries to fit in gym sessions when she can find the time.

Jill Rausch

Jill Rausch is a verbatim transcriber/offline captioner who lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Having survived 15 years in the field of education, teaching elementary orchestra and providing vocational assessment and guidance, she impulsively dove into the field of stenography. She is now fanatical about that "weird keyboard thing" that court reporters use. Jill will talk ad nauseum about stenography, trying to educate the world about this fascinating skill and mindset. When she is not at her steno machine, Jill enjoys watching movies and innovative television, counting her blessings, and being the CEO of her household, which consists of her IT genius husband, Patrick, and the most adorable dog in the world, Charley the Maltese.

Live Writers

Amy McKay

Amy McKay (née Cook) is part of the founding trio of siblings whose dream came to life through Aberdeen. While her brother, Matt, and sister, Becky are today's managing business owners, Amy now focuses on live writing - a career she never could have expected. She got her start as a freelance court reporter in Louisiana and even dabbled in official work with Grand Jury. In the beginning, the idea of people watching (especially those attorneys) and relying on the work she did was scary, but she moved into that position with ease and now can live caption while daydreaming about her garden. It has now become her dream job as she loves God's Word being poured into her daily.

While not live writing, she strives to gain some of her 6 year old son's, Benjamin, energy. She loves watching Ben build intricate Lego's architecture, having fun in the Great Lakes and running while Ben pedals along on his Hot Wheels bike.

Andrea Martin

A devoted follower of Jesus and pastor's wife, religious captioning is Andrea's specialty and passion. Andrea began her steno career writing in 1980. Her love for writing has led her pursue certification through the National Court Reporters Association, passing competency tests up to 260 words per minute. She is also a Certified Broadcast Captioner, always ready for a challenge.

Misty Burleson Greger

Misty started her Captioning career in 1996 never realizing the positive impact she would have. She has a broad spectrum of experience with emphasis on sports and loves that she gets the opportunity to share the Word of God and continue learning through her work. She knew she would love captioning but never realized how much. When she is not working, she loves to spend time outdoors with the animals and devote special time to family, especially her husband, Joey and her 7-year-old son, Charlie.


John Correa

John started working as evangelical Spanish translator in 1994 volunteering at In Touch Ministries in Atlanta, Georgia, and subsequently as freelancer until 2007. At that time, John started translating captions and subtitles, and since 2010 has worked with Aberdeen Captioning, where he fulfills his passion for adapting the riches of the Gospel into Spanish. Born in Cali, Colombia to a Colombian father and an American mother, as a native Spanish and English speaker John believes excellence in Christian translations requires the Lord's calling, dual cultural immersion, a commitment to accuracy, and lots of OJT. A former U.S. Marine, John served as a Spanish interpreter overseas during the Reagan years. When not glued to his laptop or PC, John and his wife Lorena enjoy going out to restaurants, watching vintage shows on ME TV, vacationing, house projects, and visiting with family and friends. John also has two daughters, and on Jan 1, 2012, he became a grandfather.

Tanne Kirchhöfer

Tanne has always had a great fondness for languages, so it was clear early on that one day she would work as a translator. After translating for an IT company she decided to become a freelance translator as it best suits her needs for independence and time management. She prefers to translate IT-related texts from English and Russian into German. In her free time, if she's not translating or proofreading, she enjoys playing with her son Max, taking beautiful portraits of her friends (photography is her other passion), crafting or watching documentaries about Mount Everest with her ​​husband.

Lifu Wang

Lifu is a Chinese-English translator & interpreter currently living in Shanghai. She has been working with Aberdeen Captioning since 2010. Lifu has a background in computer engineering and economics. After worked in a government institute for four years, she decided to leave the office job and follow her dream of becoming a freelance translator. In June 2010 she went to Australia for further professional training and then received her Master's Degree in Interpreting and Translation. Lifu is a professional translator certified by NAATI (Australia). What she loves the most about her job is that it allows her to learn different things, meet different cultures, and travel to different places, all of which extend her understanding of the world. Apart from her work, Lifu is a big fan of cooking and traveling.

Anneta Vysotskaya

Anneta Vysotskaya, a native Russian speaker and an English-Russian translator, was born in Russia and lived in Vladivostok most of her life until she moved to New Zealand with her family in 2004. She received her MA degree in translation from the Far-Eastern State University and worked as a translator in Russian Academy of Sciences. She now works from her home office in Wellington as a freelance translator for NZ and international clients and sincerely enjoys every new project. Christian ministry being a large part of her life, she travels often to Central Asia and Russia to complete translation jobs "in-field." A happy mother of 3 grown-up children she loves travelling by car, growing orchids and reading in her spare time.

Marcos Liberato

Marcos is a bilingual translator and subtitler for Aberdeen. He and his wife, along with their 13 year old daughter, live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where Marcos was born and raised. He has a bachelor degree in languages and is a former English instructor. About ten years ago, he left this teaching career and devoted himself exclusively to his passion: writing, translating, editing, cutting, and creating subtitling and dubbing files. Marcos is passionate for languages, especially the English language. He has an unexplainable love for the English language - one could say he is "a left-brain word fetishist." Marcos also has a passion for photography, poetry and for the American culture.

Corinne Simon-Duneau

Corinne Simon-Duneau was born in New York City of French parents, learning English and French at the same time. Her family then lived all over the world, including England, Africa and the Middle East. Experiencing widely different cultures has given her a keen interest in people and an understanding of their different viewpoints. She made a career as a journalist, teacher and translator in Paris. Since moving to the United States, she has specialized in subtitles which combine her two passions: film and writing. She enjoys hiking, is an avid reader in both languages and loves going to France every summer to see her family. Corinne is currently working on her first novel in English and has a blog on writing.

Claude Lecompte

Claude Lecompte is a committed Christian, with a passion to see more contemporary Christian products available in French around the world. In Quebec, he is known for his work on large-scale Christian dubbing, subtitling and translation projects. He works with international charities such as Samaritan's Purse, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada, Crossroads Christian Communications, God Rocks! and the Canadian Council of Christian Charities. His work has also often been published in the major dailies of Sun Media and Cyberpresse. Claude has a bachelor's of writing and translation from Université du Québec en Outaouais.

Myriam Laberge

Holder of a bachelor's degree in translation from Laval University in Québec, Myriam translates and proofreads from English to Canadian French. She gained professional experience working in‑house for two translation agencies before opting for the flexibility afforded by freelancing. As a former aspiring author, she has a strong predilection for any type of material allowing for creativity, style and a bit of humor. Marketing, customer relationship management and human resources are her main specialties. When away from the computer, she enjoys long scenic walks, cuddling her cat Malcolm and honing her drawing skills.