Our Beliefs

Aberdeen Broadcast Services is comprised of three core departments — AberCap, AberFast, and AberLingo — and although each division is dedicated to providing different services, Aberdeen's beliefs are what unite us!

We believe in making today's technology work

Understanding technology and knowing how it works is what sets us apart from our competitors. Technology is changing at such a pace that you have to have a team that is dedicated to keeping up with it. At Aberdeen, we have invested in a technical team, and invested in technology. We are not a little mom and pop shop working out of our home like so many other agencies these days-we have data centers in two different states as well as representatives in two continents. We have engineers specializing in every aspect of the broadcast and video industry-making your lives (and our project managers' lives) that much easier. You can call us with no idea about what you need or the best way to go about your project and by the end of the call, your life will have simplified ten fold (at least that is our goal!). We take what is available on the market today and make it work for you tomorrow.

We believe in restoring faith in customer service

Customer service is a lost art in today's society. But at Aberdeen, it's probably the only "old-fashioned" thing we hold on to. Our phones are answered every time-and not by some distant representative in a far-off country-by one of our team members in our Californian or European offices. We even answer our phones outside of office hours as we offer a 24-hour emergency line seven days a week. You can always get a hold of somebody at Aberdeen. All of our managers and account executives are available on their personal cell phones at any time of the day. We answer e-mails, and we answer them fast. It is not rare for an Aberdeen operations manager to be answering e-mails late on a Sunday night and responding quickly to an urgent need. Our employees work on weekends and late nights frequently to make your desired turnarounds happen. Simply put: You can reach us when it is convenient for you and we'll work for you when you need us to.

We believe in thinking long-term

We offer services thinking of what tomorrow's technology could bring. We think about sustaining our business for the future so we will be around for our clients and our employees. We treat our clients in such a way to nurture a long-term mutually beneficial relationship. We treat our employees by investing in their future and offering excellent benefits, competitive pay, as well as supporting their goals and family life. We hope to have our clients and employees with us for the long-term. We do this by making our products and services change as needs change and as technology changes. For our employees, we do this by offering them new challenges and supporting a work-life balance, even if this means setting up remote work stations so mothers and fathers can be closer to their children or by offering new services for a client whose needs are changing. We value our relationships today and tomorrow.


AberLingo believes in breaking through geographical and language barriers. We believe in one world. We believe in connecting and sharing ideas no matter who you are or where you are from. We believe in thinking beyond our current reach, starting in our community and then branching out to every nation.

At AberLingo, the world is our playground and it can be yours too.


AberCap believes in equal access to all media for all people. We believe that the ability to receive information is not a privilege -it's a right. We believe in closed captioning that communicates effectively and clearly. We believe in accuracy and stand behind it. We believe in media for all.

At AberCap, we believe in the Word and are committed to it.


AberFast believes in speed. We believe in a world where complications are nonexistent, where technology breaths simplicity. We believe that a producer's job shouldn't be focused on deliverables and details. We believe that stations and networks should reduce manpower and let technology do its job.

At AberFast, we run the race for you, and we win every time.